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Once around the world – update


The adventure has begun!
With some delay, Johannes Li has left his home port in the Netherlands and sailed along the Belgian coast. He is currently crossing the English Channel along the French coast. His feedback on our Duplex anchor chain: "Easy play, even in salt water!"



Johannes Li, born in Erfurt in 2003, wants to be the youngest German to sail around the world alone.
He discovered his love of the water and sailing at the age of 11 in Grömitz, during a holiday organised by the children's home where he grew up. There he started windsurfing and his first attempts at sailing. "Even back then, I wanted to sail around the world with an optimist," he reveals to us in the interview. At the age of 12, he already acquired his international windsurfing licence.


After leaving school, he completed an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for energy and building technology. After he successfully completed this at the end of 2020, his professional path also drove him to the sea. He joined the professional shipping industry at the beginning of 2021. Initially, he served as an apprentice seaman on the "Loth Lorien", a sea sailing vessel under the Dutch flag. Word of his passion and commitment to seafaring spread quickly, so that in the course of time he was hired as a senior sailor on the "Braune Flotte" in Harlingen.


In 2022, Johannes Li wants to realise his dream and sail around the world on his own ship. PARVA NAVIS, which means "small ship" in Latin, is the name of the English GRP long keeler. "She is 32 feet long, 2.8 metres wide and is considered indestructible," he says, describing his home for the upcoming voyage. The trained electrician takes most of the work on the ship into his own hands. "If I entrust my life to the ship, I also want to do everything myself."


At least 21,600 nautical miles, weather changes, politics, viruses and other circumstances make one hundred per cent planning impossible, but the key dates are set:


The voyage will start in Harlingen (NL) in mid-May. From there, Johannes Li will sail through the English Channel, across the Bay of Biscay to the Canary Islands. He will continue south across the Atlantic, around Cape Verde. West of Africa, he sails down to the Cape of Good Hope. Once around this, a long period without land in sight lies ahead. Across the Indian Ocean, he sets course for Australia to sail through Torres Strait above the continent. After that, he wants to cross the South Pacific. Above New Zealand, the sails are set for South America. Cape Horn is the next turning point, from where it will head north again on the Atlantic and towards home.


The PARVA NAVIS is Johannes' home for the upcoming circumnavigation.


Pictures in order:


1. 18-year-old Johannes Li has big plans.


2. the stainless steel anchor and duplex chain should give him a secure hold wherever he goes.


3. a Marinetech box full of stainless steel treasures also sails around the world with him.

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