Successful due to modern technology


  • Stable equipment, manure removal
  • Pump and slurry technology
  • Animal husbandry and breeding
  • fishery (fish farming)
  • Agricultural machine technology
  • Plant breeding (plant cultivation)

Stainless steel fastening parts - Robust, durable and extremely resilient

Stainless steel products are used in many agricultural businesses. Both in agricultural machinery, plant cultivation and in animal husbandry or aquaculture.

Our recommendation: Exclusive in-house productions according to the highest quality standards - identified by the MT-label. For everyone who uncompromisingly wants the best.

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Your advantages

  • High quality product range of stainless steel parts

  • Particularly suitable for use with aggressive media
    (e.g. ammonia or cleaning agents and disinfectants)

  • In addition to high quality material such as A4/ AISI316, duplex materials are also available
  • A wide range of wire ropes and connectors in A4 and Duplex D6

  • wire ropes also available coated with plastic

Marinetech in agriculture, forestry, fishery and plant breeding

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für die Stallpflege und Entmistung

Stable cleaning and maintenance, manure removal

Manure removal ropes and thimbles for stainless steel and wire ropes, rope clips and shackles as well as blocks and rope sheaves: Marinetech supplies suitable accessories for all aspects of modern stable cleaning and manure removal technology.

Horse and cattle husbandry: Complete bedding and manure removal systems, overhead manure removal for horse stalls with deeper pushrod channel and pendulum slide or folding slide for paddock areas also work with Marinetech fasteners, as do special systems for poultry farming: bait stations, boot cleaning, disinfection technology, grate and cage systems.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für Filteranlagen, Pumpen- und Gülletechnik

Filter systems, pump and slurry technology

Fastening elements made out of stainless steel are important components in pump and waste water technology. Whether it is a matter of compressed air or diaphragm pumps, dosing pumps and systems, centrifugal pumps, hose pumps or gear pumps: we have a wide range of items with current DIN and EN certifications. Specially developed slurry technology for submersible pumps, cutters and agitators for the removal of slurry and dirty water, the cellar and milking parlor drainage also contain Marienetech stainless steel products for reliable long-term operation under difficult conditions.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für Stall- und Weidehaltung

Animal husbandry and breeding, stable and pasture grazing

For stable equipment, horse boxes, dog kennels, incubators, automatic feeding systems, air conditioning and ventilation technology, water supply and feeding technology, such as feeding racks and troughs, we offer high-quality fasteners for safe assembly, fastening and installation, as well as for heating and air conditioning devices. The patented stainless steel helpers can also be found in stable construction, in doors, gates, grilles, fittings and partitions, as well as around pasture grazing, fence construction of pasture fences and fence maintenance. Our bestsellers in the field of animal husbandry are e.g. spring hooks, swivels, screws, chains and connectors.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für die Aquakultur

Aquaculture - fish farming, pond management and garden ponds

The success of aquaculture, as an innovative branch of fish production, is based on processes that use water as sparingly as possible, dispose of waste products in an environmentally friendly manner and use as little energy as possible. Fish farms are driving this development forward by using safe, stable and efficient equipment and systems for fish feeding, fishing, hatching and sorting as well as smoking devices, oxygen devices and drum filters, a modern disinfection technology. Water aeration and circulation, pumps, draft gates and much more. Marinetech items also ensure secure connections under often difficult conditions.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für den Landmaschinenbau

Agricultural machinery construction - success factor in agriculture

Agricultural machinery technology, agricultural technology or agrocultural technology for the agricultural and forestry equipment used in the agricultural sector such as tractors, machinery for harvesting, combine harvesters as well as stationary and mobile agricultural machinery, presses and winders, loaders, farm loaders and work equipment, milking machines, transport vehicles from potato harvesters to root crop technology, from silo technology to feeding systems - Marinetech supports agricultural technology with screws, straps, joint and chain swivels, tube connectors, turnbuckles, shackles, hooks, spring hooks and much more.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente in der Pflanzenzucht

Plant breeding - nurseries, vertical farming, fruit growing

Functional and reliable technology is essential for successful plant cultivation and efficient harvesting in limited space: heating technology such as boiler and chimney systems, underground piping, exhaust heat recovery, etc., irrigation systems and rainwater collection, drip irrigation and mixing systems, reprocessing and filtration systems, modern planting tables, effective shading and climate control, racking systems and lighting technology - numerous fasteners from Marinetech are used in gardening technology, such as chains, clamps, hinges and covers, wire ropes and much more.