From the cleat and the anchor chain, to the carabiner hook and the shackle ...

Plus a huge selection of sheet metal screws, metric screws, threaded rods, nuts, washers and special parts!

Our customer base includes manual boat builders and shipyards as well as industry and trade. The requests, products and prerequisites are as different as the industries themselves.


We meet your requirements with a comprehensive range that leaves almost nothing to be desired, fantastic flexibility, experience and expertise. Special requests and special made-to-order products are naturally part and parcel of our service.


Examples of where Marinetech products are used include:

  • in medical technology
  • in automation technology
  • in vehicle construction
  • in yacht outfitting
  • in the furniture industry
  • in the DIY section of hardware stores and in wholesale for DIY enthusiasts


Marinetech offers one of the largest stainless steel ranges in Europe. Here, you will find – almost – everything:

» 4,500 maritime items

» 32,000 stainless steel connecting elements
for different customers in all parts of the world.


Are you looking for a stainless steel product that isn't included in our range? We'll start searching or come up with an alternative solution together with you.

All you have to do is ask us.