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Marinetech is one of the largest providers of high-quality stainless steel products in Europe

Shackles, swivels, carabiner hooks, chains, connectors, cleats, screws, bolts and much more besides.

At Marinetech, you'll find all connecting elements made of rust-proof stainless steel and designed for commercial use – and the best personal service.

From the wire rope to the hook, and from handles to rings and hinges, Marinetech supplies a comprehensive portfolio of holding products. For boat and yacht building, as well as for architecture or the DIY sector. For wholesale, retail or industry.


If you don't find a specific product you're looking for in our stock, we'll find it for you. That's a promise you can count on! Service


We deliver from Bremen to destinations all over the world: providing over 36,000 different items directly from stock as part of a fast, reliable and secure service.

Weekend action in our logistics

Packing for a good cause!

A total of 2097 gifts were packed on 18 pallets to meet other gifts at a collection centre in Brake this week. From there, the packages set off on their journey to needy regions in some Eastern European countries to surprise a child at Christmas. The givers are very individual, but they have one thing in common: they want to make the eyes of an unknown child light up.
This beautiful Christmas campaign was organised by Round Table 92 from Bremen-Nord. Gregor Ziolkowski, Peter Heumüller, Rafael Rührig and Torsten Bojanowski from our team were on site to lend a hand.

Many thanks to all those involved. It is a pleasure for us to be part of the action!

In the photo in front f. l. t. r.: Alexander Focke, Tom Falldorf, Dennis Matz, Guido Flierbaum, Torsten Bojanowski, Gregor Ziolkowski, Rafael Rührig. Rear f. r. t. l.: Peter Heumüller, Hendrik Döpkens, Benjamin Schulze, Hendrik Klein. Not on the photo: Arne Gläß, Bastian Remmers, Bekir Sentürk, Björn Kohnke, Christoph Flehmke, Christoph Jankiewicz, Henning Winkelmann, Markus Büttner, Michael von Rahden, Mirko Grosse, Patrick Harth, Simon Rothe, Vincent Teichmann. Photographer: Remo Piessnack