asten creatively and durably


  • Facade and window construction
  • Railings, balustrades, terraces
  • Shading systems, sun sails, membrane construction
  • Timber construction
  • Playground construction
  • Swimming pool construction
  • Pipeline and plant construction
  • Gardening and landscaping

Safe, durable and versatile

Wire ropes, stainless steel hinges and turnbuckles, chains, handles, latches and more.

We offer creative and efficient solutions for individual and contemporary construction projects.

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Your advantages

  • High quality and wide product range of stainless steel products

  • Seawater resistant materials A4, AISI316 and Duplex, D6
    Durable materials are essential, especially for public construction projects and for the use under difficult conditions - with certificate, of course.
  • Wide range of wire ropes and wire rope constructions for various applications
  • Connecting parts included
    E.g. thimbles, ferrules and wire rope clips
  • Special items for the playground equipment manufacturers

  • High availability and shortest delivery times
  • For construction projects with tight deadlines
  • Tools for processing wire rope - for pressing, cutting or releasable connections

For the creative projects - architecture with stainless steel fasteners

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für den Fenster- und Fassadenbau

Window and facade construction

For window and facade construction, we supply special stainless fasteners, contact gels and tools that also join different materials permanently and securely. In addition, at Marinetech you can get fittings, tubes, feet, end caps, hooks, rings and hinges made of high-quality stainless steel that creatively and attractively support contemporary trends.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für Geländer, Treppen, Balustraden, Terrassen

Railings, stairs, balustrades, terraces

Whether balcony railings, stairs, privacy screens, carports or terraces: screws, wire ropes, chains and fasteners made especially for this purpose are always the best choice. Our bestsellers in this area: wire ropes including accessories, screws and nuts.
By the way: For the installation of a wooden terrace, Marinetech offers special terrace construction screws, because particularly hard wood, such as teak or Bangkirai, requires resilient fasteners.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für Beschattungsanlagen, Sonnensegel

Shading systems, sun sails

Special fasteners are required to ensure that the lightweight structures of tensioned roofs and airdomes remain securely and reliably fastened. At Marinetech you will find a selection of high-quality stainless steel fasteners such as rings, triangle eyes and turnbuckles.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für den Holzbau

Timber construction

Wood as a natural building material is once again very important today. Classic single-family houses in timber construction but also elaborate wall and roof constructions in timber engineering for multi-storey housing, buildings for zoological and botanical gardens or representative warehouses are in vogue. Suitable fasteners and wood screws are the best protection against corrosion caused by moisture or chloride-containing wood preservatives. They reliably defy wind and weather and ensure long-lasting and secure fastening. Marinetech offers a wide range of stainless steel screws and accessories for timber construction - robust, rust-proof and in a matching design.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für den Spielplatzbau, Sportanlagen und Außengelände

Playground construction, construction of sports facilities and active outdoor areas

Seesaws, swings, roundabouts, slides, climbing equipment, motor skills and balancing equipment, playscapes, sand play equipment, water and mud equipment, playhouses and much more - for playgrounds and active outdoor spaces: play equipment on which people can climb, romp, slide and swing requires safe connecting elements and accessories. We also offer a stainless steel range of high-quality, rust-free articles for this area.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für den Garten- und Landschaftsbau

Gardening and landscaping

Marinetech offers useful and decorative stainless steel elements for many applications and every budget - from screws to ground anchors and chains. Patios, driveways, fences, doors and gates, pumps and filters for ponds, water features, fountain enclosures - there is more to successful garden design than plants and lawns.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für den Schwimmbadbau

Swimming pool construction

Swimming pool construction and the creation of bathing and wellness facilities present their own challenges: The high humidity and chemicals dissolved in the air require fasteners that are both corrosion-resistant and resistant to chemicals - especially chlorine. Only in this way can outdoor pools, covered swimming pools and halls as well as whirlpools and sanitary rooms meet the requirements of standards, safety and a beautiful appearance in the long term. In our range you will find diffusers, handrails and stainless steel fastening parts made of Duplex D6.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für Rohrleitungen und Anlagen

Pipeline and plant construction

Plants and pipe systems carry different materials and liquids. They supply us with water and energy, raw materials and fuels and dispose of waste. From aggressive chemicals, oils, gases or air to various foodstuffs: high demands are therefore placed on the connecting elements in pipeline and plant construction in terms of resistance and hygiene. We offer special articles for these fields of application, for example clamps, threaded pieces and fittings.