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  • Environmental and energy technology
  • Chemistry and petrochemistry
  • Mechanical and plant engineering, automation
  • Automotive industriy - Medical technology
  • Construction and real estate industry
  • Tunnel and bridge construction

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Wire ropes, stainless steel hinges and turnbuckles, handles, latches and many more ...

Marinetech delivers convincing quality and optimal solutions for construction, production, and industrial and process automation.

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  • A wide range of products and unusual materials (e.g. duplex)
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  • We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Marinetech stainless steel products for industry

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für die Energie- und Umwelttechnik

Environmental and energy technology

Particularly in the construction of wind turbines, wind turbines and larger solar plants, one is dependent on reliable, high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials. Due to their construction alone, they react sensitively to wind and weather. The building regulations and specifications for the materials used are correspondingly strict. But highly corrosion-resistant materials are also used for the production of biogas plants, for both economic and ecological reasons. The production of the gas produces highly corrosive compounds such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, which attack the surrounding material.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für die chemische und Petrochemische Industrie

Chemical and petrochemical industry

Petroleum, plastics, paint, fertilizers and more - the petrochemical industry is important to the economy around the world. In the field of industrial services for chemicals and refineries we offer high-quality stainless steel products for efficient construction and long-term operation. Safety and quality are the most important parts for us. For plants that process liquid, flammable or water-polluting substances, such as chemical plants, tank farms, mixing systems or dosing and filling systems, the use of stainless steel with the highest corrosion-resistance is prescribed accordingly. Rust- and acid-resistant fasteners from Marinetech are able to withstand the heavy loads caused by aggressive chemicals and oils in various forms. Therefore, Marinetech primarily offers a wide range of screws including accessories.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für die Automatisierungstechnik

Automation technology

Faster, more flexible, more sustainable - these are the major challenges for companies in automation technology. Industry 4.0 and 5.0 not only place demands on digitalisation but also on machines, profile and conveyor systems that are as high-performance as they are robust and changeable. This can only be guaranteed if screws, joints and fasteners fulfil their important function as central connecting elements 100 per cent. Marinetech products guarantee a long-term bond. For automation technology, we mainly stock screws, nuts, clamps and threaded parts as well as hinges and screw systems for enclosures.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für den Fahrzeugbau und die Automobilindustrie

Automotive industry

The automotive industry, as a specialist field of mechanical engineering is a large customer sector in Marinetech sales. Only high-quality, durable fasteners can withstand the tough load requirements in the automated work processes of the automotive industry. Marinetech fasteners are also used in the vehicles themselves. Both in the construction of two-wheelers (including motorcycles, bicycles and e-bikes) as well as in car bodies and other subsections. For example: screws, rings, chains, wire ropes and much more.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für die Medizintechnik und den medizinischen Gerätebau

Medical technology and medical equipment manufacturing

Medical technology for the development and manufacture of products, devices and procedures for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases is subject to very strict control laws and regulations on hygiene. High demands on a sterile working environment are the consequence. This applies to newcomers and start-ups in this rapidly changing innovative field as well as to large, traditional pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. Stainless steel fulfills many of the criteria that equipment, machinery and materials must conform to. Marinetech offers the highest quality grades with precise evidence of material properties and also exclusive products manufactured to its own standards for particularly high demands.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für die Bau- und Immobilienindustrie

Construction and real estate industry

Rustproof and resistant: Whether timber construction, multi-floor residential buildings, housing estates or offshore installations: wire ropes, hooks, catties, hinges from Marinetech secure balconies, stair railings, house, corridor and entrance doors as well as canopies and roofing. Connections and screws made of high-quality stainless steel in different material qualities ensure the correct and rust-free fastening of windows and facades.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für den Tunnel- und Brückenbau

Tunnel and bridge construction

Tunnels and bridges are exposed to enormous compressive and tensile forces. Robust, corrosion-free and stable connecting elements are existentially important. Sulphur dioxide and road salt pose additional challenges: In tunnel and bridge construction, threaded bolts and rods, hexagonal bolts, metric bolts, sockets, nuts and washers of all sizes are used. In a tunnel, these are exposed to sulphur dioxides from exhaust gases - especially in lighting, cable systems, exhaust air systems and fans - which attack the metallic connections. On the bridge, on the other hand, the roadway drainage systems are exposed to salt spray systems in winter, which attack the material. We stock stainless steel fasteners made of Duplex D6 material that meet these high requirements.