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  • Shipyards, boat builders, yacht builders, refit
  • Boat accessories, sails, rigging, subcontractors
  • Marinas, boat pier construction
  • Offshore energy systems

Robust fasteners and special stainless steel assortments for the nautical industry

Well-known shipyards and boat builders rely on the good cooperation with Marinetech - also in serial production.

We supply high-quality stainless steel fasteners for the use on deck and railing, in rigging and navigation, cabin, engine room or wheelhouse; on the sailboat, motor yacht or cruise ship; on board, in refit or on the dock.

Our product recommendations for you

We are insiders: Our many years of experience in purchasing and selling stainless steel items for the maritime sector make us absolute specialists in this field.

Your benefits

  • A high-quality product range - adapted to the difficult conditions at sea; corrosion-resistant and seawater-resistant.
  • A constantly growing product range as well as further development of products and development of new articles.
  • Partnerships with shipyards and boat builders
  • A wide range of products in A4/AISI 316 and unusual materials such as Duplex/D6
  • Shortest delivery times
  • A global network of distributors


Marinetech for shipbuilders, suppliers and the maritime leisure industry

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für Werften und Bootsbauer

Shipyards, boat builders, boat manufactures, yacht builders, companies in the field of restoration and refit

Whether it's a new construction or repair, craftsmanship or industrial production - first-class boatbuilding and technical perfection are created with first-class materials and equipment. Marinetech items fasten and secure components above and below deck, in the interior and exterior of dinghies, cruiser, pirate or container ship. Durable, safe and nice to look at! As specialists we offer a wide range of products for all parts of the production chain on shipyards and docks, for equipment, machine parts, electronics and much more.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für Segelmacher, Bootszubehör und Mastbauer

Mast builders, sailmakers, manufacturers of boat accessories, supply industry of shipyards.

Customer loyalty through high-quality seawater-resistant materials and the best workmanship: Marinetech fasteners and tools are indispensable for sailing and surfing.
Marinetech blocks, cleats, bolts and fittings for mast, stay and rigging as well as biminis ensure many miles of relaxed sailing in the long term and enable comfortable mooring, staying on deck as well as setting, reefing and recovering the sails.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für Marinas und Stegbau

Marinas, boat pier construction

On the boat pier, within the marina, at berths, simple pontoons or in complete harbor facilities with a boat lift systems - without the high-quality helpers from the Marinetech stainless steel product range ships, motorboats and yachts could not be moored securely and barriers or gates could not be moved. Even canoes and row boats cannot do without Marinetech's useful small - often invisible - utensils and fasteners. Even floating platforms find a firm hold with Marinetech chains, screws, bolts and fasteners.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für Offshore Energieanlagen

Offshore energy systems

Reliable use in wind and weather: fastening technology used in the offshore industry has to withstand salty air as well as constant moisture, storms and sea water, and stand up to oils, chemicals and greases. The highest level of corrosion protection has a priority. Marinetech offers fasteners of several corrosion resistance classes for use on oil rigs as well as in wind turbines on the open sea or offshore.

Edelstahl Verbindungselemente für Hochsee- und Küstenfischerei, Binnenschifffahrt

Deep sea and coastal fishing, inland shipping

Fishing and processing vessels used for large and small scaled deep sea fishing as well as for coastal fishing require technical equipment that meets the highest standards of material quality. They are constantly exposed to the effects of wind, salt and water. The cutter and coastal fishing fleets also consist of shellfish and special-purpose vessels that also have to withstand mechanical stress from sand and stone – just like inland, lake and river fisheries. Rust and acid resistant fasteners from Marinetech are the very first choice here: screws, cleat fasteners, rail bases and brackets, spring hooks and shackles, handles and straps, blocks, bolts and much more - for marine applications Marinetech offers an exceptionally extensive product range.