Über uns
Über uns

Marinetech – looking towards the future and back on our 30-year history

Having begun as a start-up in 1989 and been re-established as 'Marinetech' in 1993, our company is nowadays counted among the largest providers of high-quality, rust-proof stainless steel connecting elements in Europe.

Even though we've surpassed ourselves several times over in our 30-year company history, we've always remained true to our roots in Bremen's Nord district! More than 36,000 different items are launched here: to small and medium-sized shipyards and boat builders, to the different customers from many sectors within the wholesale and retail trade, and to industry and commercial enterprises worldwide.


At Marinetech, further development doesn't just take place in the form of growth; it's also a continuous process fostered by new and creative ideas and services. Discover your options at Marinetech – or simply ask us!




Marinetech's success story

From a simple container depot to a high-tech warehouse integrating modern technology. Clear structures and a quality-focused management system promote sustainable, creative growth.

  • Marinetech 2021

    2021 - The new variety

    We are taking the next step


    Over decades, we built our reputation as a reliable partner for industrial and commercial companies in the field of ship, boat and yacht building. We steadily expanded our market positioning across the globe.


    Increasingly, customers from other industries came to appreciate the high level of quality required for use at sea. Quality demands in industry and commerce, in the agricultural and fishing sectors, in architecture and the construction industry, as well as in the sports and leisure sector, have increased. In the future, we will specifically meet the different needs of these companies.

Working at Marinetech

Space to promote a good atmosphere

On 1,300 m² of administrative space and 6,200 m² of logistics space, we handle purchasing, sales and complete logistics for over 36,000 items.


A modern warehousing system with interesting technical possibilities and good ergonomic and mechanical conditions enable healthy and pleasant working.


Friendly, bright offices and administrative rooms, entertainment facilities for use during breaks and a spacious kitchen area help to promote this. There's as much room at Marinetech for creative brainstorming and team spirit as there is for initiative, focus and relaxation in between.

The team

We are Marinetech

90 employees ensure that only the best products are included in Marinetech's product range and are reliably shipped to customers all over the world.


We rely on a good working atmosphere to ensure that everything runs reliably. The tone is always friendly, questions and initiative are welcome, and a great deal of importance is attached to internal and external further training. All of this ensures that employees are willing to assist and supportive of one another. Joint ventures consolidate positive cooperative relationships.