Trolley promotion

At the start of the season, you will receive our practical foldable aluminum trolley at a top price*

The boating season is just around the corner and countless owners of motor and sailing boats are faced with the challenge of transporting their outboard motor from winter storage to the boat. You can help with the right means of transportation: our  trolley is universally adjustable to any outboard motor up to 60 kg. The low weight of 4.3 kg and the compact design make it an uncomplicated companion that can be set up almost anywhere without any problems. Even in winter, it won't stand in the corner - at least not uselessly, as it is ideal as a carrier for maintenance work and longer storage periods. It is also suitable for longtail engines.


The discount applies from a purchase of 25  trolleys

If you purchase 42 trolleys or more (a complete Euro pallet), you save an additional €5 per trolley.

*The offer is only valid while stocks last.


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