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ROXMA anchor chains

ROXMA stainless steel anchor chains

Ideal for use in warm waters

The new premium anchor chains of the brand ROXMA from our quality partner Röttgers Ketten keep what they promise. ROXMA anchor chains are available in A4L (1.4404) and duplex (1.4462). Due to the balanced microstructure of the duplex steel, ROXMA anchor chains deliver a strong combination of strength and corrosion resistance. The precisely processed and completely closed weld seam ensures high elongation values and offers no point of attack for corrosion. The extensive surface finishing protects the chains from the harsh conditions at sea. All the residues on the surface are removed during the pickling process. The surface is then passivated with a glossy finish. This controlled process ensures that a seamless passive coating is formed. The corrosion resistance is thus significantly higher.



The anchor chains are bent and welded using the latest machinery. To ensure that they run cleanly in the winch, all ROXMA anchor chains are precisely calibrated to a tenth of a millimeter. Every single process step contributes to ROXMA stainless steel chains reaching a new level in terms of durability, tensile strength and corrosion resistance, exceeding all current standards. ROXMA anchor chains are available in dimensions from Ø 3 to 18 mm, are additionally available in e-polished design on request.


Advantages of the Duplex / AISI 318LN

  • Higher corrosion resistance (ROXMA PREN of at least 35)
  • Low weight. The higher breaking load means that a smaller chain diameter can be used in comparison to standard chains
  • Suitable for all bodies of water
  • Resistant to seawater up to 35°C


By the way, from 2022 our range offers matching chain connectors and fasteners made of duplex steel, produced in Europe.


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