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Not just cardboard

Our environmentally friendly packaging material with certificate

We use environmentally friendly paper material certified by the Blue Angel for our cardboard boxes and filling material as well as for the paper bags that hold smaller containers.

Marinetech - on the road with the Blue AngelWe are proud to be able to switch our logistics more and more to paper - away from plastic packaging.
But paper and cardboard was not enough for us: we use certified cardboard and filling material with the Blue Angel.


The Blue Angel is an environmental label of the German government for the protection of people and the environment: demanding, independent and a compass for environmentally friendly products for more than 40 years. It guarantees high standards for environmental, health and usage properties. In particular, the effects of products and services on the climate, resources, water, soil and air are rigorously tested. The focus of the test is also on the effects on humans. The entire life cycle is always considered in the assessment.


The criteria:

  • Saving of resources during production
  • Manufacture from sustainably produced raw materials
  • Saving resources during use and disposal (e.g. through high energy efficiency)
  • Avoidance or reduction of harmful substances for the environment or health
  • Durability and reparability
  • Recyclability
  • low emissions into soil, water, air or noise
  • High-quality serviceability 

To cut a long story short: we have taken another important step towards making our entire shipping process even more sustainable. However, one thing remains clear: there is - as everywhere - still a lot to do. For us and for the good of the environment.

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