a reason to celebrate

10-year anniversary at Marinetech

For a number of years now, Karin van der Kley has been a real asset to our team thanks to her expertise, untiring dedication and way of keeping morale high!

Of course, without our reliable and committed colleagues, Marinetech would simply not be the same. It's great when the team sticks together and everyone feels comfortable here! Of course, we notice this all the more when it comes to celebrating another anniversary.
For more than 10 years now, Karin van der Kley has been making sure that all figures to come from Financial Accounting are correct and that the invoices are paid on time – and so obviously she has a very important role at Marinetech :) which she fulfils perfectly!
A very heartfelt thank you to our "Finance Minister"! It's been great to have you with us!

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