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Stainless steel materials with class

Corrosion protection class CRC II, CRC III or CRC VI? Decisive for the application are the field of application and the place of installation.

stainless steel materialsAISI-304, AISI-316 or Duplex D6? For which area is which material suitable and why? You will find interesting facts about this in our June newsletter! In addition, a few purchasing suggestions and, of course, usage information with insider tips.

Our second topic in June: Hinges, hinges, hinges - for screwing on or welding on, with wings, with cover and with automatic retention, hinges in many shapes and sizes. Stainless, of course. Separable or inseparable - at Marinetech not only carpenters, locksmiths and boat builders will find the right hinge for their application. So: just take a look at our latest newsletter. In your mailbox from June 15, 2021.

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