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The rally for stocks

The situation on the procurement market remains tense

The accident of the "Ever Given" in the Suez Canal once again showed us the extreme challenges and their consequences

The situation on the procurement market remains tenseEvery day we feel the impact of growing freight rates and rising costs for our producers' raw materials. Prices continue to rise in all areas or remain at a high level. Accordingly, we also had to adjust our sales prices in mid-March.
The wrecked "Ever Given" in the Suez Canal at the end of March 2021 caused a backlog of container ships and therefore exacerbated the situation any further. The backlog in Egypt is cleared up, but now things are getting tight in the European ports. The port operators want to encounter the "container wave" with additional staff, but it is far from clear what impact this will ultimately have on the market.
According to our current information, there could be delivery delays of 1-2 weeks. The rally for stocks and the associated availability has probably only just begun...

Despite all this, we would like to emphasize once again: Even in difficult times like these, we find solutions that offer you the greatest possible security of supply!

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