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A good wire for any situation

Our high quality steel cable set made of A4-AISI 316 stainless steel

The steel cable set is made entirely from A4 stainless steel. The material is durable and resistant to rainwater, salt water, light acids and alkalis.
This makes it ideally suited
  • for working indoors and in the garden
  • for use in construction, craft work and industry
  • as anchoring on awnings
  • as a climbing support for climbing plants
  • for making models and for use in hobbies
  • as theft protection and much more

The cables and accessory components are not suitable for use as a rope sling or load suspension device, as a hoisting or winch rope, as a fall protection device or for standard technical, building law or safety relevant applications.


The maximum loads are as follows:

Ø 2 mm = 30 kg
Ø 3 mm = 45 kg
Ø 4 mm = 80 kg


The cable (6x7-WSC – 7x7) is available in lengths of 10, 25 or 50 meters with a diameter of 2, 3 or 4 mm.
Also available as a XL package: Ø 2 mm / 250 m in length, Ø 3 mm / 200 m in length, Ø 4 mm / 150 m in length.


The XL set also contains KNIPEX® steel cable shears


These shears are very useful for installing the cable yourself. All of the necessary fastenings and connections are included in the set:

  • Duplex terminals
  • turnbuckles
  • thimbles
  • including manual and safety instructions


Brand new:


For the perfect placement in your business, we can supply suitable pallet displays upon request to accommodate:

12 boxes in size S • 12 boxes in size M • 6 boxes in size L



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