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  • Assembly instructions for mooring compensator

    Item number 814156

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    • Thread the rope through the shock absorbing end.
    • 1 Then thread the rope through the other end.
    • The length of the mooring compensator can be adjusted by the number of windings (two to four).
    • 2 On the underside of the mooring compensator the rope must fitted into the notch.
    • You need approx. 200 - 300 mm rope for three windings.
    • Position the mooring compensator properly and pull the rope taut.




    • Made of rubber (EPDM)
    • For mooring lines for boats and yachts
    • Absorbs shock from the swell at the jetty
    • Easy fitting
    • UV and saltwater-proof
    • Low noise
  • Assembly instructions for Sprayhood rail holder

    Item number 814637 + 814589

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    1  Measure and mark the mounting points for the tube holders on the sprayhood-frame.

    2 For better fixing please drill the tube of the sprayhood-frame with 3 mm diameter or countersink the tube. Assemble the adjusting ring on the tube, bring him in position and fix the socket set screw with a hex key.

    3 Pin the socket set screw of the adjusting ring through the fabric of the sprayhood. Then apply the seal with the rubber side on the sprayhood fabric. We recommend to cutting the fabric hot with a soldering iron, so that it doesn‘t fray. Afterwards assemble the tube holder on the socket set screw.

    4 Finally assemble the cover-screw in the thread of the tube holder, plug in the handrailtube in the tube holder and fix it with the socket set screw.

    5 In the second tube holder the tube must be inserted in advance before the ring is adjusting into position and fixed with the socket set screw.


  • Assembly instructions for wire rope clip sits
    Item number 8248 + 815059

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    Wire rope clips (Art. 8248, 815059) are used for fixing loops, with or without insertion of a thimble
    (Art. 8247, 8536, 8636, 815061, 815058) at wire rope ends.

    Flexible, bendable wire ropes of type 7 x 7 (Art. 8379, 815055, 8381, 814593), 7 x 19 (Art. 8382, 815056) or 6 x 36 (Art. 815082) should be used for this purpose.

    Wire rope clips are an alternative to connections with ferrules or terminals as they can be quickly installed on site, but can also be loosened again. In addition wire rope clips are cheap.


    Download assembly instructions as PDF



    The clamping jaw rests relatively positively on the loaded rope strand . The U-bolt lies almost point-like on the unloaded rope end . The nuts should be tightened by hand at first so
    that the wire rope clip can be moved into position. Then the nuts should be tightened alternately with an appropriate tool. The mounted wire rope clip transfers the force of the loaded rope strand to the less loaded rope end.


    Formation and quantity

    The first wire rope clip sits close to the thimble . For loops without a thimble, the distance between the first wire rope clip to the bolt (or similar) should be three times the bolt diameter - but at least 15 times the rope diameter. The
    distances between the following wire rope clips should be 1.5–3.0 x (= width of the clamp jaw). The end of the less loaded wire rope  looks out behind the last wire rope clip approx. 10x the wire rope diameter. At least, minimum 100mm. In total, this results in an approximate foldover length of the wire rope. The recommended minimum number of wire rope clips depends on the rope diameter (see chart).



    When using a larger number of rope clips, the foldover length must be increased proportionally. Coated wire ropes has to stripped of their coating in the entire contact area of the wire rope cliips before processing. Wire rope clips similar to the former DIN 741 should be used only for subordinate requirements. Please check the admissibility for your construction.


    Nominal size* Minimum quantity  Foldover length
    2 3 ~ 170 mm 100 mm
    3 3 ~ 180 mm 100 mm
    4 3 ~ 190 mm 100 mm
    5 3 ~ 200 mm 100 mm
    6 3 ~ 220 mm 100 mm
    8 4 ~ 270 mm 100 mm
    10 4 ~ 300 mm 100 mm
    12 4 ~ 370 mm 120 mm
    13 4 ~ 380 mm 130 mm
    16 4 ~ 450 mm 160 mm
    18 4 ~ 510 mm 180 mm
    22 5 ~ 660 mm 220 mm

    *Nominal size = max. wire rope diameter. Wire ropes with intermediate diameters must be fixed with the next larger wire rope clip.