We're certainly glad to hear it :)

Passed the AEVO test with flying colours ...

Christofer Müller is now available to start work training the commercial trainees

Herr Müller AusbilderWith distinction thanks to the expert discussion and perhaps we'll be seeing him soon on the board of examiners: Christofer Müller has more than just passed his instructor aptitude test and was spontaneously invited by the board of examiners to take part. And all under these difficult "coronavirus conditions".
Of course we're delighted to join him in celebrating this award.


Congratulations from the entire Marinetech team!


What this means for Marinetech: we are also looking forward to new trainees in the commercial sector.
With Christofer Müller, our trainees will be in safe hands with a competent contact person who will support them at all professional levels: professionally, legally, organisationally and methodically. In order to provide the trainees with comprehensive support, basic pedagogical and psychological knowledge was also taught in the seminars.


-> The trainer examination (colloquially known as the "training certificate") is the only nationally recognised and uniform qualification for proving vocational and work-educational knowledge.


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